The UnShackle Program

"The Swiss Army Knife of Change"

Gift Yourself This... Then Help Others

How Just Some of Those Before You Benefitted

Some of what you'll learn:

NLP (neuro linguistic programming) ?

Regarding the releasing:

Regarding body work:

Regarding the energy work:

  • You’ll learn to detect energy blocks in others so that you know where to focus your healing
  • You’ll learn exercises to heal yourself from ailments
  • … and much much more. With this skill/ability you can get rid of people’s migraines and even help to eliminate tumours.

How Just Some of Those Before You Benefitted

How Just Some of Those Before You Benefitted

Ready to join ?

CAUTION: this course isn’t for everyone !


You’ve just seen that 10 years of change in 7 days is possible. You’ve heard from others that they have indeed experienced it.


You heard from professionals… doctors, lawyers, pharmacists, teachers, mothers, fathers… all successful in their own right – before coming !


So you know that what has been stated is real and others have tasted its fruit.


BUT… and this is vital… the fact that it’s possible has nothing to do with whether, or not, you will benefit from it.


Very few people will ever feel, or even remotely know, that this much change is possible… and fewer will ever know anything about this program, even though we are planning on advertising it publicly to a wider audience.


There are more possibilities today than ever before and yet people’s inner games stop them.

In order to capitalise on an opportunity, you need to assess it’s benefit and whether it’s worth it but the trick in this is to realise that nothing is inherently worth it in this life except if it benefits you. If something will benefit you, then theoretcially there’s no such thing as I can’t afford it.


STOP. Let me make this clear: I’m not bothered as to whether or not you come to the UnShackle program – it’s always been a niche programEVERYONE that comes benefits and enjoys it, but NOT everyone comes. That’s fine with me.


If you don’t come, I would still like to help you assess opportunities so that you can reap their rewards. If you do come, then my promise to you is that it will be the most spectacular experience of your life to date and that it will guide and affect you for years to come.


In my opinion time is the ultimate benchmark… so ask yourself: “will this give me more time or will it eliminate wasted time ? How will it make me more effective ?”


When it comes to tools, that is an important question, but as any good martial arts instructor will tell you “you are the weapon“… and so if you can find something that will enhance you then that is to be prioritised.


Very few people understand that if you upgrade yourself then they upgrade EVERYTHING. By upgrading yourself you upgrade how you use your tools and what you’re able to do.


An example of when I know someone doesn’t quite get that is when they tell me that they don’t have 7 days to attend the UnShackle program.


Again… please, this isn’t just about you coming to the UnShackle program. This is about any decision you need to make to upgrade yourself.


If when I tell someone that they will get 10 years worth of change in just 7 days, they reply to me that they can’t afford the time – then something is seriously wrong there !


They will be gaining 10 years of results… there is no net loss here, only a net gain.


The first step is to decide that you are worth an opportunity REGARDLESS OF THE COST… REGARDLESS OF THE EFFORT NEEDED to gain. Take that decision and you’ll find a way to do anything. Read the histories of great men and women and you’ll know the truth of this impermeable fact.


When I first started, just the basic level courses costed more than £10,000… but I paid for them. I was jobless at the time so I didn’t know how I would pay but I decided that this was really important, and worth it, because I decided that I was worth it… so I borrowed from friends and family, and I jumped in.


You’ll learn MUCH more than I did in that first year of mine in the UnShackle program AND it doesn’t cost anywhere near £10,000…  but even if it did, would you consider yourself worth it ?


Again, this isn’t about the UnShackle program really… it’s about how you value yourself and how you react to opportunity.

£10,000 over ten years comes to £2.74 a day for 10 years… but how much extra would you be willing to pay if you got those results in just 7 days ?


The UnShackle program is no where near as expensive as £10,000 but that’s how you’ve got to think about it. Are you worth it ?


I’d like you to say yes, but I can’t make that decision for you. I can’t change that part of you. Not because it’s hard, but because God has given you power over that and no one else.


When I was working door to door sales – and that was in the year 2001-2002 – apart from practicing the influence and persuasion that I was learning, I was noticing many things.


One of the things I noticed was the different types of TVs that the 3 classes had. The rich, as expected, had the expensive £3,000-4,000 flat screen TVs (their cost back then) and the middle class had the normal priced TVs.


But what caught my attention was how many of the poor or working class homes had the expensive £3,000-4,000 TVs ! 

It always confused me that the poorest of the poor and the richest could afford those TVs but that the middle class couldn’t.


Then I realised that it wasn’t about could or couldn’t afford. I learnt this in a course that I attended: For most humans the word “can’t” actually really means “won’t”.


They can. But they decide that they won’t. As the teacher explained: “they’re in the process of can ‘not-ing’. That made sense.


The middle class where spending their money on education and upgrading themselves whilst those poor families with no sofas were spending their money on entertainment. The wealthy could afford to spend it on both.


My point: Even the poorest people can afford to invest in themselves. They just chose not toThe invested in Sony or Samsung instead.


Would you like to step forward 10 years ?

Individual Feedback

Ready to benefit ?

The personal benefits of learning how your mind works, how your perceptions are formed, what beliefs are, how to tweak and change them, how to communicate with others, how to know what’s going on in the minds of others just by what they say and their body language… there’s so much more to mention… but just from what I’ve mentioned, can you see the personal benefits ?


You can negotiate better, you can resolve tension between people, you can learn quicker, you can teach and persuade far more effectively, you can re-mould your mind proactively instead of leaving it to circumstance… and that’s just the beginning.


The world needs this. It needs people that aren’t bound by conventional psychology, that aren’t restricted by the cogs of the societal machine, that mould their cultural background with cutting edge modern psychological technology.


I’ve learnt many things over 14+ years that I’ve been a therapist/trainer along side my work as an entrepreneur.


I want to teach the best of what I’ve learnt and practiced, the best of the tens of thousands of pounds (£40k+ easily) that Iv’e spent acquiring knowledge, experience and expertise, the thousands upon thousands of hours I spent learning and practicing… you don’t need to make the same mistakes that I did.

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