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Thikration Program

A program to teach you the real process behind doing thikr... not just with your tongue, but with your heart and very soul. A program to facilitate true wonderment about The Glory of Allah, true gratitude for His bounties and awe for His Greatness.


“never have I felt the profoundness of this duaa as I felt it today”

Assalaamu Alaykom wa Rahmatullah,


Just listened to the Explanation podcast, and *subhanaAllah*. ..never have I felt the profoundness of this duaa as I felt it today…


اللهم ارزقنا الشوق إلى لقائك و لذة النظر إلى وجهك الكريم


Truly *Allahu Akbar*


Allah reward you with His pleasure and with allowing you to see His most exalted face.


Arwa Almari


Is Your Thikr Just Lip Service, or Do You Instantly Feel the Difference in your Heart ?

The secret to a content, elated, wonder-ful life is in 3 utterances... and you already know them !

But they’re not working for you because you don’t know what they really mean… not really, so they don’t touch your heart or soul. These 3 utterances are simply: “subhanAllah, alhamdu li-Lah and Allahu akbar”.

"Wait, I do know what they mean!"

So what does SubhanAllah mean ? Most people will say that it means glory be to Allah… and that’s just 15% of the answer. OK… so pick something now and in your heart say: “glory be to Allah”… any reaction ? Is it strong ? Does it move you ? What about Alhamdu lilah… what does that mean ? Most people will say it means all praise be to Allah. Again, pick something that you enjoy or should be grateful for and say in your heart “All praise be to Allah”. How’s that working for you ? We could do the same for Allahu Akbar, but I’m sure you get the point !

These 3 utterances are supposed to change your life !

But… when was the last time that they caused you to feel excitement, novelty, elation, wonder, deep gratitude and contentment ? I’m guessing hardly ever, maybe even NEVER ! And yet, after every prayer you’re supposed to say them. Would you like to learn how to truly make thikr affect your heart ?

  • An Comprehensive Understanding

    "Glory be", "all praise to Allah" and "Allah is Greater" are not understood completely by most.

    We fix that.

  • Thikration Process

    A series of audios to reactive your heart with the proper facilitation, making it ready for true thikr.


    Thikration Program


    • Easy implementation, great results.

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