You say:

"Myself this, myself that"

and "I this, or I that"


... but do you know how the self is created and perpetually maintained by you and I ?

In the UnShackle program of 2018, in Fes, Morocco, I had absolutely no intention to talk about "the creation of self". It was something that I had been thinking about and mulling over for a while.

But then as the delegates sat there in front of me, and having listened to what they wanted from UnShackle - all the things that they didn't like about themselves and all the ways that they wanted to change themselves... it just made sense to talk about it.


Ultimately no one knows the reality of the soul or of the self, but this model that I explained helped them to understand why they were stuck and what to do about it. is so very potent and so descriptive that many pieces fall together and the puzzle finally makes sense.


UnShackle was such a success this time too. Let me tell you about something that happened:

There's a brother from America called Abdulrahman Mahmoud and he really wanted to come, but circumstances didn't allow him. So he paid for his brother Belal to come.


After the training Abdulrahman asked his brother if UnShackle was worth it and then sent me the feedback:


"Even with all the hype, it was under-hyped"... and by the way, Belal wasn't a long time subscriber of the newsletter either. So he wasn't a 'fan'. This is real feedback after a real experience.


I have never taught this before... not in UnShackle or in Enrich. This UnShackle was the first time ever.


(on a side note... I have said a million times: "each UnShackle is different and tailored to the needs of the attendees".)


I recorded the session of course and as you can see from the image above, it's an hour long.


What happens in UnShackle stays in UnShackle - that's the usual rule... and yes, it's all halal. But this information is extremely important, so for the first time ever it's available to non-UnShackle attendees.


I hope you take advantage of this. This information isn't available to the public and I will shortly remove it's availability.

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