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​Relationship Harmony Program

Relationships are amazing. All of them. From marital partners to friends and family.


(This program isn’t just for the married… and may very well stop you from getting married to the wrong person)


You can’t live without them, but they can sometimes be so burdensome, but does this have to be the case ?

Without them we feel lonely, but does that have to be the case ?


With them we feel imprisoned, but doest hat have to be the case ?


Relationships work so mysteriously, combining the physical aspects of time and body as well as the non-physical aspects of words, emotions and spirit… and they can get mega complicated.


The other person can help but also they can be a crutch,  or they can drag you down or slow you down… but these two possibilities are actually not true unless you allow them to be.

This program – Relationship Harmony – is designed to:

  • free you of the binds that relationships develop over time
  • give you the space necessary to grow as an individual
  • increase your capacity for love and acceptance of the other
  • free you from feeling and being controlled by the other party
  • liberate you from feeling that you have to control the other party to be happy
  • make you fall deeper in love with people regardless of their shortcomings, giving them the unconscious permission to be better
  • make you realise that you’re not limited by ‘their’ limitations
  • remove feelings of loneliness that plague you when you’re alone
  • remove feelings of neediness that cause others to distance themselves from you

What you’ll see as you do this program:

  • problems in your relationships magically dissolve
  • you become happier and so do those around you
  • there is stability
  • your joy is not controlled or influenced as much by those around you
  • you are more magnetic
  • you stop attracting the wrong types of people
  • people come to you for stability and harmony… even if you don’t speak or advise

… and then there’s what we can’t write because you’ll probably not believe it… but your feedback will confirm it to us.

  • Parents

    We model ourselves according to what we saw with our parents, or significant relationship role models.

    To stop the same cycle from repeating and to give yourself the opportunity to have a fresh relationship, this module was designed.

  • The Other

    How are you using the other to gain your emotional needs and satisfy your rules and belief ?


    Clear this up and you'll find true intimacy.

  • BONUS: Your Self

    Your relationship with yourself dictates your relationship with others.

    If you nag and bully yourself, you'll nag and bully others. If you're angry towards yourself, you'll be angry with others.

  • BONUS: Dependents

    There's a clash between wanting kids and not wanting to be imprisoned by their needs.


    As you clear both sides up, you'll find both freedom and love regardless of your situation.


Relationship Harmony Program


  • Easy implementation, great results.

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