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Whims-I-Kill Program

The Whims-I-Kill program is the first program ever run by and it's most used. It is a practical tazkiyah program designed to make purifying your soul practical and easy.

  • 12 Month Nurtioring

    The program is practical and holistic and the modules within it are drip fed over 12 months for best results.

  • Purify Yourself

    Overcome apathy, grief, fear, lust, anger and pride.

  • Practical

    This program isn't theoretical or conceptual. It's about results.

  • Amazing Results

    Many of our delegates swear that if it wasn't for this program, their lives would not have been the same.

  • "Fantastic"

    "I have been listening to the modules regularly now, and each time I do, I get more and more insights into how limiting my desires are and by just making small changes to the way I think and I have benefited so much.


    The work you do is fantastic and I am grateful to be benefitting from your efforts."


    Iffat Khan

  • "Helped me Through Depression"

    "The whims-I-kill program helped me through depression in college and the tools are really part of my life now".


    Zeinab Abdelgany

Melt Fears Program

POPULAR (non subscription)

What you fear persists, so it's vital that you dissolve your fears.

  • Past

    The past is full of fears and

    aversions. Without clearing them up, these fears continue to plague.

  • Present

    What you fear in the present limits you from creating the future that you desire.

  • Future

    What fears in the future do you have that are paralysing you from taking action ?

  • Money

    Ironically, people fear not having enough and also having too much. This module cleans that up.

  • Health

    Fears about health are unhealthy. Letting go of your fears gives you the space to create more health.

  • Parents

    There are fears that we all have about our parents - whether they still live or have passed.

  • Kids

    Clean up your fears about your children or about having children ?

  • Marital Partners

    We fear loneliness whilst also fearing intimacy. Both of these things need to be cleaned up to achieve tranquility and happiness.

Relationship Harmony


Relationships are amazing. All of them. 

This program isn’t just for the married… and may very well stop you from getting married to the wrong person.


Relationships work so mysteriously, combining the physical aspects of time and body as well as the non-physical aspects of words, emotions and spirit… and they can get mega complicated.


Each relationship is a unique dance between two or more people... and sometimes even with our selves. The dance consists of:

  • wanting to control and be controlled.
  • Wanting to approve of and be approved of.
  • Wanting safety and wanting danger.

But it gets a little more complicated than that.


These wants seem to be attractive to start with, but soon enough they become suffocating.

  • Parents

    We model how we do relationships based upon what we saw from our parents and how they related to each other and others. Clean this up and you begin to have choice and freedom.

  • Partners and Friends

    What control, approval and security programs are you running instead of actually just relating with those whom you love ?


    clear these up and life becomes not only simpler, but much more appealing.

  • BONUS: Self

    Your relationship with yourself dictates every other relationship that you have. It dictates whether you are clingy, or pushy, or intrusive, or a push over... or if you're a delight to be with.

  • BONUS: Dependents

    They see, they hear and they feel much more than you'd like to admit. These wonderful trusts given to you - or that may be given to you in the future - how do (or will you) relate with them ?

Deleting Financial Stuckness Program


Financial difficulties, or not achieving financial goals, is nothing to be ashamed of because everyone has financial ups and downs but prolonged periods of this can cause some people to doubt themselves and their self worth…


… and in extreme cases, it can affect people’s relationship with Allah (swt), as they ask “why me?”.


Here are some of the modules included in this program:

  • Not Having Enough

  • Money & Abilities

    Many times you assume you can't just because you don't have enough money. But rarely is your assumption true.

  • Employment

  • Rules About Money

  • Money & Humiliation

  • Money & Prestige

  • Hating Money

    If you think that money is the root of all evil, then you will resist it unconsciously.

  • Money Hating You

    Sounds weird, but sometimes we feel that money just doesn't like us. We need to clear this up.

  • Money & Self Worth

  • Self Fulfilling Reasons

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