Melt Fears Program 

What you fear persists, so it's vital that you dissolve your fears.


The "Melt Fears" program gets you to overcome your worries and anxieties. With it you can expand your comfort zone so that you are able to be comfortable as you grow and explore.


Watch this video to learn more:

  • Past

    The past is full of fears and

    aversions. Without clearing them up, these fears continue to plague.

  • Present

    What you fear in the present limits you from creating the future that you desire.

  • Future

    What fears in the future do you have that are paralysing you from taking action ?

  • Money

    Ironically, people fear not having enough and also having too much. This module cleans that up.

  • Health

    Fears about health are unhealthy. Letting go of your fears gives you the space to create more health.

  • Parents

    There are fears that we all have about our parents - whether they still live or have passed.

  • Kids

    Clean up your fears about your children or about having children ?

  • Marital Partners

    We fear loneliness whilst also fearing intimacy. Both of these things need to be cleaned up to achieve tranquility and happiness.

  BONUS !  

Goals Realisation Program

Goals are a big deal in society. Many think that setting goals helps you to attain them, but sometimes the opposite is true.


In this program you'll explore the path to making the achievement of goals much easier by eliminating any resistance towards their achievement.

Modules included with BONUS Goal Realisation Program:

  • Cause & Effect 1&2

  • Consequence

  • What If ?

  • Parental limitations

  • Societal limitations

  • Limitations of self

  • Exploring the why

  • Exploring what you think it'll take

  • Does it feel like success doesn't like you ?

  • Allah & success

  • Does it feel like Allah doesn't want you to succeed ?

  • Fear of failure

  • Goal size ramifications


Melt Fears Program

... plus the Goals Realisation program (BONUS).


  • Easy implementation, great results.

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