Practical Tazkiyah For The Stronger Believer

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Liberation Programs

Melt Fears

Remove Fears:

  • From your past that still plague you
  • About your present that hinder and paralyse you
  • About your future that stop you from moving forward and enjoying your potential
  • About money
  • About your ealth
  • About your parents (even if they’ve passed away)
  • About kids (even if you don’t have any yet)
  • About marital partners (even if you’re not yet married)
  • and most importantly: your relationship with Allah (swt)

Loving Serenity

There are 20 audios in this program.


Each is designed to take you deeper into serenity in a particular context... each time will take you deeper in freedom and serenity.


Is Your Thikr* Just Lip Service or Do You Instantly Feel The Difference In Your Heart ?

(* Translation: "Thikr" is the remembrance of Allah )

These 3 utterances are supposed to change your life !

But… when was the last time that they caused you to feel excitement, novelty, elation, wonder, deep gratitude and contentment ? I’m guessing hardly ever, maybe even NEVER ! And yet, after every prayer you’re supposed to say them. Would you like to learn how to truly make thikr affect your heart ?


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