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At Any Time...

Covertly, Through Normal Conversation...


or Overtly Like In The Movies.

Is it ethical or halal ?

I get asked this a lot and I’ve heard the opinions that say that it’s not. But they’re given by people that don’t know what hypnosis is.


Some of them liken it to alcohol… claiming that it clouds the mind… except that you can’t exactly have a coherent conversation with someone that’s drunk, but you can with someone that’s hypnotised.


Others prohibit it by saying that it facilitates a lack of control or evil manipulation… but it’s used the world over therapeutically to give control BACK to people.


Why you need to learn Hypnosis:

Hypnosis is a natural state and in truth we are hypnotising each other all the time.


I see parents hypnotising their children, teachers hypnotising their students and friends hypnotising each other… I see it all the time. I never used to, but after my training and years of practice, now I do.


This is a big deal because most of that hypnosis is harmful. I hear parents inserting suggestions like: “well, you can’t have what you want !”


Or teachers that tell their students: “you’ll fail this exam”.


As you learn hypnosis and as you gift those you love what you’re learning, you’ll also begin to grasp how you were hypnotised and what hypnotic suggestions you’ve been following all your life.


Then you can break free.


By practicing ethically on other people’s minds, you’ll begin to unlock your own. By freeing others, you’ll learn how to free yourself.


What you’ll learn:

  • What hypnosis is and isn’t.
  • The true nature of control and how using hypnosis to set people free gives you better results than trying to be Machiavellian.
  • How hypnosis exists all the time and how to tap into it.
  • How hypnosis can happen without even asking someone to close their eyes… and how this can actually be more powerful.
  • Why you’d want to interrupt someone just as they’re going deeper and why it makes everything more potent.
  • How to hypnotise someone in just 30 seconds.
  • How to program someone to be re-hypnotised with a click of your fingers… or any other signal that you choose.
  • How to expand and access different states of mind without the need for drugs.
  • How to get someone that’s been high or drunk with drugs or alcohol back to that state of being high – but without the negative side effects.
  • How to give potent enriching suggestions to yourself and others.
  • How to embed thoughts subliminally for optimum results.
  • How to hypnotise someone by altering your state of mind.
  • How to hypnotise someone by asking them about a recent holiday experience… or any other experience.
  • What to do when someone tries to resist.
  • How to ensure that external interruptions only deepen the state of hypnosis, instead of interrupting it.
  • How to judge an experience so that you can leverage it – even if it’s with someone in power, like a police officer.
  • How to use negative language positively to bypass the conscious minds useless barriers.
  • How to use hypnosis to become more persuasive, more influential and more likeable.
  • Get really comfortable hypnotising people.
  • How to instruct your unconscious to do automated tasks on your behalf… or remind you of important tasks.
  • How to use hypnosis for yourself to absorb information about someone else, to feel how they feel and access information about them that they didn’t even know about themselves.


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