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To Know Allah !

Very few people can say that they have a friendship with Allah because very few people know anything about Him.


Which is a shame because we want to know about science, but what about The Creator of that which science studies ?


We want to attain and acquire – either this life or the next – but we don’t know anything about The One that Created them !


We want things to work and yet we have no direct connection with The Controller.


iknowAllah is not for those looking for academic knowledge or a guilt trip… but for those that want to actually get to know Allah. Below is more information about the program…

Indeed, for Allah there are 99 names, 100 minus 1, whoever observes them enters jannah”


– Bokhari


What do we mean when we say “observes them” ?

Firstly, it is a translation of the Arabic term: Ahsahom. There are five possible meanings for this:

  1. To memorise
  2. To find them in the Quran and Sunnah
  3. To give due right
  4. To have an in depth understanding of what they mean
  5. To act in accordance or under accordance of

All of the above are correct, but the majority of scholars are of the opinion that:

  • giving due right,
  • having an in depth understanding and
  • acting in accordance with (and under) the 99 names and attributes of Allah,

… this is what is meant by the term ‘ahsahom’ (observed/realised) in the hadeeth above (saying of The Prophet Mohamad, peace be upon him).

If we are to understand the meaning of “observing” to be more than just the simple act of memorising and reciting then how is it that we actually do this ?


Most people focus on the mind: “Let’s learn what the names mean in Arabic.” That is a necessary step. It’s just a step though, it’s not the entire process. People stop at the mind.


In order to observe and truly internalise the meaning of these names, for it to be IN THE MUSCLE, as they say… another step is required.



You need to go BEYOND the mind. That doesn’t mean that you leave what makes sense. It’s that you go beyond it. Beyond logic. Beyond thinking.

Our minds are limited, our thoughts are restricted and since we are talking about the attributes of Allah, it is unbefitting to stop there. So we need to give something that is beyond our minds the nutrition of knowing these attributes without the restriction of the mind filtering the truth away.


For those of you that are aware of the Whims-I-Kill program, there are 4 desires that generate our many emotions… which generate thousands of thoughts. So we need to go beyond thought, beyond emotion and beyond desire.


To the core. To the soul. To that which is before or underneath desire (and obviously emotion and thought).


We do this by deconstructing our current models. We deconstruct them by creating the space for these attributes to nourish us.

You should realise by now that this shouldn’t be a theoretical study of the 99 names and attributes of Allah. In fact, it MUST not be.


As such, this will require an investment of time and effort. From experience this doesn’t happen unless you’re committed.


So there’s a financial commitment of £25 a month (which you can cancel at any time)


Each attribute needn’t take that much time. It depends on your readiness and wish to realise these attributes.


Are you ready to jump on board ?


Introducing the program. A monthly program that takes an attribute or two each month and explores it to YOUR core.


Q: Only an attribute or two a month ?

A: It’s not about quantity. Grab a book and finish it in a couple of days if you just want to know ABOUT the names and attributes. It’s about realising them to YOUR core.


iKnowAllah Program


  • Easy implementation, great results.

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