The Financial Un-Stuckness  Program

Financial difficulties or not achieving financial goals is nothing to be ashamed of because everyone has financial ups and downs but prolonged periods of this can cause some people to doubt themselves and their self worth…

… and in extreme cases, it can affect people’s relationship with Allah (swt), as they ask “why me?”.


“Deleting The Psychology of Financial Stuck-ness” is a new program designed specifically to tackle these problems.


Here are some of the reasons as to why Long term financial difficulties can have an emotional impact:

  • People in this situation feel useless and with time they expect to be rejected financially. Rejected by potential employers and even by money itself – it begins to feel personal.
  • Many students go to university expecting not to find work afterwards.
  • Even entrepreneurs begin to feel overwhelmed if they are met with prolonged ‘failure’ and financial set backs.
  • If someone expects to be rejected, they will do only as much as is required to overcome the guilt of “not doing anything” but not enough to actually get a result – they can’t see the point.

As a result… they decrease their chances of getting that job. It becomes a vicious cycle.


Reset The Emotional Impact of Non-Employment and/or Financial Difficulties


In truth, you are never really helpless. Even shackled in prison, Ibn Taymiya was not helpless. He would defiantly state: “my heaven is in my heart. What can my enemies do to me ?”

This resolved internal liberty brings with it confidence and resourcefulness.

Life Hits, But You’re The One Holding Onto The Bruises And The Pain

What is ordained for you is ordained. And everyone goes through ups and downs.

However, there is a distinct difference between internalising the pain and possibly being depressed, and between taking it on the chin, letting it go and moving on.

Imagine You Were Interviewing 2 People That Had Both Been Unemployed For 1 Year

One of them looked powerless, scared and unsure of himself. The other looked calm, resolved and something about her was extremely dignified. Who would you employ ?

Most employers would go for a calm, resolved and dignified interviewee than a scared and anxious one.

You can be that resolved and dignified interviewee.

There’s Another Problem With Feeling Powerless and Sad

When someone is sad or ‘negative’ they are not as resourceful and intelligent as when they’re happy and in the flow.

Again, this results in self limitations such as not seeing opportunities, or even “un-seeing” opportunities… It results also in not positioning oneself or creating the conditions necessary to move forward.

Is It Possible To “Un-see” Opportunities ?

Have you ever searched for you keys, up and down, all over your home… only to find when you quit that the keys were always right there in front of you.

In psychology, this is called a negative hallucination. The keys were “un-seen” by you because you assumed that they were lost.

Your brain complied with your wishes and made you blind to the very thing that you were looking for.


What You'll Learn


“Deleting The Psychology Of Financial Stuck-ness” is not a theoretical program..


Here’s a listing of the modules included:

  • Not Having Enough

    This audio explores and unplugs your feelings around not having enough.

  • Employment & Money

    This audio explores and unplugs the assumptions that you may have around needing employment to make money.

  • The Prestige Element

    Does the job or task have to be prestigious ? And if so, should you pass it by if not ?

  • Other People's Reactions

    Your perception of other people's jealousy or spite can cause you to remain stuck.

  • Having More Than Enough

    This audio explores and unplugs the truth: everything you need, you have.

  • Limiting Conditions

    This audio explores and unplugs the self limiting conditions that you might have placed on yourself.

  • Hating Money

    This audio explores and unplugs any resentment or ill feelings that you may have towards money.

  • Money & Self Worth

    For many there's an emotional link between money and self worth. The link is not healthy and needs to be broken.

  • Missing Out

    Many limitations arise if you feel that you're missing out because of finances.

  • Is Money Dirty/Evil ?

    Unconscious beliefs such as "money is the root of all evil" can cause you to stay stuck. This audio explores and unplugs just that.

  • Does Money Hate You?

    To the brain, its a weird question. But it's a natural emotional response for many people. It needs to be eradicated.

BONUS Modules Included:

  • Resourcefulness exercise

  • Your reasons why


Financial Un-Stuckness

... including the BONUS modules.


  • Easy implementation, great results.

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