Charisma Precedes 

Influence and Power

A great man called Rab3iy ibn 3amir was sent to the king of Persia.


There’s something you need to know about the kings of Persia.

They were very arrogant and there ran a tiered system.


Some people weren’t even allowed to look at the king.

Others had to wear something on their mouth in his presence.


And when someone was to enter into his court, they were to go through a tunnel or a passage with a low ceiling.

Why ?

So that it would ‘break them’.


It would mean that upon entering the kings presence they would be hunched, bowing.




Rab3iy (raa) knew this, so he chose to turn around, and walk backward just before meeting the king.


In other words, instead of bowing down to him, he was showing him the opposite of respect.


He entered.


The Persians couldn’t understand what these nomad Arabs wanted.


Yesterday, they would ask for aid and they could be bought for cheap supplies of food, clothing or a meaningless status.


(seems familiar ?)

Today, they are sending them messages asking them to submit in peace to Allah (swt) !


He offered Rab3iy the usual cheap offers.

But Rab3iy replied with the following.


“We have come to liberate the slaves (of The Creator) from the enslavement of other slaves… to the worship of The Lord of the slaves.


And [we have come to] liberate from the constraints of this world to the vastness of the next.


And [we have come to] liberate from the subjugation of other systems and religions into the justice of Islam”




Just wow.

By the way, this man used to be a slave.


He used to be told when to eat… what to do, if and when he could go to the bathroom.


But now, he has all this charisma!

He enters unto a king that everyone fears and speaks to him so inspiringly, so succinctly, so clearly, so powerfully.




Omar (raa) once saw a group of young men.

They walked with a bent back, they shook hands so gently, without strength and hardly any purpose.

He was disgusted by them.


True leaders are charismatic. Charisma entitles you to say the same thing as someone else, but the WAY that you say it resonates with awe. The listener longs to listen and to act upon your words.


Charisma creates enchantment. And in a time where so many messages vie (compete eagerly) for brain share, only what resonates with awe will break through.


Charismatic Enchantment is a must for anyone wishing to enhance their interactions with others. It is a must in relationship building, teaching, parenting, presenting, selling, convincing and influencing.


Picture this. Two CVs, equal qualifications. But one person resonates charisma, the other doesn’t. The job goes to the Charismatic Enchanter.


A speaker with true and insightful knowledge but no charisma tortures her audience, pushing them away from the benefits of her message… all because she has no charisma.


It has everything to do with the way you look and sound, but not like in fashion… for a plain or even ugly man with charisma will overpower a handsome man without.


In fact, the enchantment of charisma adds dimensions of beauty to one’s character that nature can not. Charisma is the way of the prophets. Deception and trickery are not.


Charismatic Enchantment is a powerful skill that guides. The choice is simple: Guide or let others misguide.


What you’ll discover:

  • how to build rapport with others just by how you breath
  • the importance of rhythm and body language
  • how to structure your messages
  • metaphor and analogy
  • how to drop your speaking anxieties
  • how to make your audience enjoy the process
  • the subtle differences between speaking with individuals and groups
  • how to deal with hecklers and those that keep annoying you
  • what someone’s choice of seat placement can tell you about how they’re thinking


Charismatic Enchantment Program


  • Easy implementation, great results.

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