Remap How Your Mind Communicates With Your Body!

We're both similar in many ways, but my father and I are also extremely different.

My father values technology above all else. He thinks that the backwardness of the Muslim nation is because we don’t have good technology, hence why we are over powered and subjugated.


There is truth in this but it’s not all there is to the matter.


I grew up seeing discord nearly everywhere within the Muslim community and I attributed the difficulties of this ummah to lack of leadership and people skills.

Whilst my first degree was electronic and computer engineering, I quickly moved into therapy with the purpose of finally understanding how people work and why they do what they do. It stood to reason that if I could understand these things, I could make the world a better place.

The therapy that I focused on was to do with the mind and emotions. I practiced this for more than 11 years but later on I also learned and incorporated working with energy flow within the body.


Intuitively, you will know that the body, mind and soul are connected, but in in recent times we are encouraged to segment and to categorise. This can be good and it can also be bad.


It’s bad because if we don’t see the link between our bodies and our minds/emotions, then we're missing a lot.

Our social and intellectual abilities grow intertwined with our physical skills: our body awareness, balance, the feelings of safety, curiosity, frustration, anxiety, and our patterns of movement and action.


So for example, someone that has been through a traumatic experience will use their body differently than someone who is relaxed.


Constant stress, frustration and other emotions affect the body and changing the bodies configuration relieves and resolves those emotions.

I knew this theoretically before, but over the last 2 years I’ve been exploring the mechanics and dynamics of the body practically. I’ve been doing this through 2 main paths: martial arts and bodywork.


The results have been astounding:


  1. I am now 3.5cm taller than before. I don’t think my bones have grown, but my alignment has improved so drastically that I’m comfortably that much taller WITHOUT standing straight with my back arched and my neck extended.
  2. My chest has expanded though I haven’t lifted a weight or done any press ups worthy of note.
  3. My shoulders are wider.
  4. Rarely do I get back pain.
  5. I realigned my jaw without surgery.
  6. I’m quicker and more graceful in my movement.
  7. My eyesight is sharper.
  8. I have a much wider range of movement.
  9. I understand the body programming and mechanics of other people.

But I’ve also noticed other things; my body is undisputedly linked to my emotions and my thinking. Both are clearer and sharper in direct proportion to how effective and efficient my body is.


I’ve used what I’ve learned not just on myself but with clients as well. The results have also been spectacular:

  1. A woman past her forties with hip problems for years suddenly overcame them
  2. People with knee problems found that the pain diminished
  3. Upper, mid and lower back pain soothes away
  4. Heel problems go

… I could go on and on.


The best thing about this type of work is that it remaps how your mind communicates with your body, meaning that the changes are there for good.


Yes, the more you do the exercises – though they’re not really exercises, you won’t break a sweat – the more you’ll benefit.


Mostly we walk about unconscious of our body, our weight alignment, whether we are leaning forward or backward or to a side, whether our hips are directly aligned with our feet and our head… and as such most people are fighting gravity.


Fighting gravity is a fight that you will lose. But gravity can be leveraged.


Yes, that doesn’t quite make sense the first time you hear it because gravity is pushing you down and most movements require you to push against it – or so you think.


But what if you could leverage gravity? What if that force that is always there could be leveraged?


It would make movement not only much easier, but enjoyable and graceful.


This stuff works with 90 year olds and it works with 5 year olds. I stumbled upon it and I’m truly grateful to Allah that I did.


And I want to teach it…


Here’s what you’ll learn and how you’ll benefit:

  • How a massage provides temporary relief but that your unconscious musculature then brings the discomfort back. Instead, you need to reconfigure your somatic cortex.
  • Moving slowly allows you be aware of what you are doing, lets you make distinctions and lets you choose a new and different way of doing things.
  • Why static stretching exercises are frequently unhelpful and often counterproductive.
  • Why fine-tuned coordination is more important than stretching.
  • How posture is intimately related to movement, it’s not just about standing straight and throwing your shoulders back – which might in fact be bad for you in many movements.
  • That intense weight-lifting and heavy calisthenics can hamper graceful and effective movement.
  • No pain, no gain is what you’ll hear often, but it’s not true. If something hurts, stop doing it. Move within your comfort zone and focus on coordination. You’ll extend your movement and the pain will go.
  • Eye exercises to help you see better, to relieve headaches and muscular tension in your neck.
  • Most people understand that pain changes the way they move.  But the reverse is also true:  your habits of movement and sensation can create pain where it didn’t exist before.
  • Reduce unnecessary muscular effort.  Often in movements and positions that are difficult, you are using far more muscular effort than necessary to organise your body: you tighten the neck as you lift your arm, you hold the breath while getting out of bed or clench your stomach muscles as you walk.
  • Eliminate aches, pains and discomfort: Discover the safe and easy way to feel better.  Renew and restore your body any time you want without stretching or boring workouts.
  • Move Smarter: Recover from injuries faster and keep old injuries from recurring.
  • Gain Effortless Posture:Learn to move easily in gravity and be upright with minimum effort and maximum skeletal support.
  • Sleep Sounder, Deeper:  Better relaxation means better repair.  Teach your body to rest well, and it will serve you your whole life.



As you learn to use your body more gracefully, the changes will be generative.


To speed this process up and get it to continuously enhance, you should utilise your unconscious.

That’s why as a bonus you’ll get the Body Matters hypnotic audio along with this program.


Learn the movements of chi kong that unblock energy blocks in your lungs, heart, liver, kidneys, pancreas and all over your body.


Not only will you learn about your external body. You’ll learn about your internal energy.


Body Matters Program


  • Easy implementation, great results.

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