Practical Tazkiyah For The Stronger Believer

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For Your Body

Body Matters

The best thing about this type of work is that it remaps how your mind communicates with your body, meaning that the changes are there for good.


Yes, the more you do the exercises – though they’re not really exercises, you won’t break a sweat – the more you’ll benefit.


Mostly we walk about unconscious of our body, our weight alignment, whether we are leaning forward or backward or to a side, whether our hips are directly aligned with our feet and our head… and as such most people are fighting gravity.


Fighting gravity is a fight that you will lose. But gravity can be leveraged.

Free Spine

In Western medicine the spine connects your nervous system to the rest of your body. In Chinese medicine the spine is the main vessel for your energy to flow.


A clogged up spine will inhibit you and cause you pain. It restricts movement, clogs energy and emotions and it hurts.


This program will work on your lower back, mid back, upper back, reaching, bending to the side and breathing.

Friendly Jaws

Release tongue and jaw tension to speak better, sleep better, to eliminate teeth grinding and to lessen headaches.

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