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Become faster, stronger and more agile. Move with more finesse and suppleness whilst avoiding injury and pain.


Watch this video to fix your neck in under 2 minutes:

  • Hips

    In Tai Chi, the hip is called the king of the body - and for good reason. Where it moves and in whichever direction it tilts the rest of the body goes.


    Used correctly, your range of movement and finesse are exquisite.


    Used incorrectly and you get years of pain and discomfort.

  • Legs

    The legs affect the lower back just as much as the hip does.


    Tight legs can cause tight hips, everything is related.


    And are you using your feet correctly? Are you standing with the right angle?


    Are you making use of torque or are you one step away from an injury?

  • Deep Stretching

    Stretching is vital - but not to increase mobility. Rather to increase blood flow and strengthen the joints.


    Stretching to increase mobility can actually be counter-effective. But using it as a feedback mechanism to let you know that you're more supple is extremely useful.

  • Shoulders

    "The master has long arms" - this is a martial principle from old.


    The shoulders affect the placement of the head, the curvature of the neck, the jaw, the arms, the elbows and even the wrists and fingers.

    The more open your shoulders, the quicker you are and the less effort you need to expend.

  • Mind Body Connection

    Easy, intuitive movements that require ZERO efforts.


    These movements are designed to calibrate your mental image of your body. So that you become aware of your vertebrae, your shoulder bones, your shoulder blades, your upper, mid and lower ribs, your shoulders, the gravity on your eyes etc.


    And you begin moving with ease.

  • Pressure Points

    This knowledge is 'sacred' in many cultures and shared with much miserly-ness.


    Pressure points can be hit to cause severe pain, or pressed and massaged to release tension and problems.


    There are pressure points to help with flu, to overcome headaches, to help babies, to start contractions etc.

    This is an exquisite science.

  • Neck and Head

    Most headaches and migraines are due to hypertension and misplacement of the head.


    The head is heavy and if it's fighting against gravity this will cause tension.


    Incorrect placement of the head even affects eye sight, hearing and the rest of the senses!


    Thinking is clearer when you know how to 'use your head'.

  • Movement Mechanics

    Is your body in an open loop or a closed loop? And when should it be in either?


    Are you using torque?


    Is gravity your friend?


    Is your spine hyper-extending or hyper bending?


    How to lift heavy weights. How to use a tennis ball for self massage and where to use it for maximum effect.


Here's what Mariam had to say after doing some of the movements:


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Become supple in your hips, shoulders, neck and legs with four angles:

  • Body work movements
  • Pressure point education
  • Stretching
  • Movement Mechanics


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Become supple in your hips, shoulders, neck and legs with four angles:

  • Body work movements
  • Pressure point education
  • Stretching
  • Movement Mechanics