Practical Tazkiyah For The Stronger Believer

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360° Holistic Enrichment


Would you like to:

  • Get in tune with your deepest desires and fulfil them?
  • Understand the very fabric of thought and subjective experiences?
  • Learn about freedom and move towards it.
  • Be able to remove migraines from yourself and others in just 15 minutes.
  • Move gracefully without pain.
  • Create new states of joy and ease that you can use in many situations.

This is only SOME of what you'll attain in the 7 day UnShackle program.


Enrich self. Enrich others.


But this program is ONLY available to graduates of the UnShackle program.

Influence Training

Charismatic Enchantment

Charisma precedes influence and power. Charisma is the elixir for change.


Many think that charisma is something that you're born with, that either you have it or you don't.


But charisma can be learned and enhanced.

Liberate Minds (Hypnosis)

Learn to hypnotise anyone, anywhere, at any time... covertly through normal conversation... or overtly like in the movies.


The unconscious mind is extremely powerful and communication is never as effective when the unconscious isn't included.

You'll also learn self hypnosis for self enhancement.

For Your Body

Body Matters

The best thing about this type of work is that it remaps how your mind communicates with your body, meaning that the changes are there for good.


Yes, the more you do the exercises – though they’re not really exercises, you won’t break a sweat – the more you’ll benefit.


Mostly we walk about unconscious of our body, our weight alignment, whether we are leaning forward or backward or to a side, whether our hips are directly aligned with our feet and our head… and as such most people are fighting gravity.


Fighting gravity is a fight that you will lose. But gravity can be leveraged.

Free Spine

In Western medicine the spine connects your nervous system to the rest of your body. In Chinese medicine the spine is the main vessel for your energy to flow.


A clogged up spine will inhibit you and cause you pain. It restricts movement, clogs energy and emotions and it hurts.


This program will work on your lower back, mid back, upper back, reaching, bending to the side and breathing.

Friendly Jaws

Release tongue and jaw tension to speak better, sleep better, to eliminate teeth grinding and to lessen headaches.

For Your Mind

Sleep Less, Rest More & Satisfy Time

Program Your Unconscious To Help You Sleep Less, Rest More and Satisfy Time

Rest More By Sleeping Less So That You Can Do More.

And Reset Your Programming So That You Think About Allah (swt) Much More.

Ready for Reality

Learn To Distinguish Clearly Between Reality and Fantasy


In todays world, with the overwhelm of brain stimulus through advertising and subliminal messaging, one can sometimes muddy the distinction between your senses and your mind.

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